• Tamilnadu, India.
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  • exim@pkpn.co.in

Our untiring toil and a penchant for incredible innovations has seen us grow from our modest beginnings with a spindle capacity of 21,000 to our present capacity of 55,000 spindles, within a relatively short span of time.

Our reputation has crossed international borders rapidly and we are presently the most preferred choice of discerning clientele from the USA, UK. Australia, Turkey, Belgium. Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Snlanka. Bangladesh. etc..

Our reputation as leading spinner is expanding and recognized globally because of our penchant for quality.

Now we are on our way to manufacture knitting fabrics with internationally renowned Italian machinery PILOTELLI.

Stringent quality checks, delivery on the dot, skilled and well-trained workforce ensure that we are constantly in the lead.