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PKPN – the leaders in knitting and weaving yarn now bring you the long-awaited future yarn – ‘piloff’.

‘Piloff” is created with Muratec Vortex Sprinnq Machines ‘Piloff’ multi-functional as well as fashionable This unique quality attracts global leaders in fabrics who opt for ‘Piloff’ yarn to market thee products globally spinning success

Super - structured yam

This yarn his less hairiness it suppresses pilling to a considerable extent. It is structured in such a way that frictions between fibre do not cause pilling

Smooth post-sprinnq process

‘Piloff’ has least harness among al types spun yarn ‘Piloff’ yarn occurence of lint is also suppressed which helps in post-spinning processes and deformation is nil when the fabric is washed repeatedly

Top comfort level

Casual wear and sportswear need best absorbency and wash-resistance ‘Piloff’ fibre structure is such that it absorbs moisture and diffusion. it absorbs sweat end turns even the hottest summer periods rather cool

Enduring freshness

‘Piloff’ yam is very much wash-resistant and fibre loss in nil and with no colour fading all world-class brand naturally prefer ‘Piloff’