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Stretch Fabrics

Cotton / Spandex Corduroy / Cotton Viscose / Spandex Tencel / Spandex

Whether it’s a festival season or not, modern day individual likes to dress up with the trend and want to get noticed.

Denims with Cotton Spandex, Corduroy with Cotton Spandex, Cotton Blends with Spandex, Viscose Spandex, Tencel Spandex are in vogue.

Our yarn is supplied to some of the well known brands across the globe.

Applications: Denims, Bottom Weights, etc.
Available Counts: Ne 10’s to Ne 20’s

CoreSpun / Lycra
CoreSpun / Spandex

We produce high quality Core Spun Yarn with Spandex or Lycra to cater to the needs of world wide customers. Lycra filament is used for giving elastic property to the yarn when covered with cotton or other stable fiber like Viscose, Modal, Tencel. This elastic yarn is used extensively to produce Denim Fabrics and Stretch Trousers. The raw material Lycra filament is imported from standard manufacturer “Invista” (formerly DUPONT) which carry the well known “Lycra” Brand. Other branded Spandex yarn is also available in our Core Spun Yarn.


  • Our state of art technology assures superior quality yarn.
  • Better working performance by conditioning the yarn.
  • Industry leading prices.

Applications: Denim Fabrics, Stretch Fabrics, etc.
Available Counts: Ne 6/1 to 60/1
Stub: Core Spun Yarn also possible

Stretch Fabrics

Home Furnishing &
Curtain Fabrics

Viscose Linen
Viscose Linen with Slub
Neppy Viscose Slub

The Western culture of matching home furnishing, curtains etc s fast catching up and India is no pushover in adopting to the changing trends.

Home furnishing fabrics and curtain fabric industry has gone from traditional cotton fabrics to fashion fabrics. Speciality yams such as Viscose linen, Viscose linen with slub, neppy viscose slub (silk like appearance) are in demand due to their comfort. looks and affordability.

We at PKPN take pride in developing customer specific yams to meet todays home furnishing needs. Our yarn is already exported to the fashion conscious European countries and also in demand with domestic weavers.

Applications: Home Furnishing, Curtain Fabrics, etc.

Available Counts: Ne 4’s to Ne 12’s

Viscose Blend
Viscose Stub

Higher standard of living directly impacts our day to day living and needs. This has resulted in more and more home makers wanting mats, rugs, cushion covers and sofa covers to suit their personal comforts and tastes.

We at PKPN specialize in Bamboo Yarns, Viscose Yarns and Blends in 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. The combination with Slub Yarns takes the fabric appearance to a new level. We offer a wide range to meet growing demand.

Applications: Mats, Rugs, Carpets, Cushion Covers and Sofa Covers, etc.
Available Counts: Ne 4’s to Ne 16’s

For Mats, Rugs
Carpets, Cushions &
Sofa Covers


Lyocell/ Linen
Tencel / Linen

Modern day demands are huge and you wonder at times if fashion takes priority over needs. Shirting industry has been undergrowing a phenomenal change and every changing fashion is always a challenge. Challenge brings out the best in R&D.

PKPN is geared to meet todays high in demand yarns in Lyocell with Linen (50/50). Tencel with Linen (50/50), 10000 Lyocell (Tencel/Excel).

Slub yarns in the blends adds a new dimension.

Applications: Shirting. etc.

Available Counts: Ne 30’s to Ne 60’s


Bath robes and towels are an everyday requirement for many and still a change is always welcome by most.

Bamboo. Modal and Tencel Yarns are in demand and at PKPN its always a routine to try and innovate with yarns.

Bamboo Yarn, with its natural anti bacterial and odorless properties gives added comfort and durability. Its is eco friendly, requires less detergents and water.

Its a Go Green fabric.

Applications: Bath Robes, Towels, etc.

Available Counts: Ne 12’s to Ne 20’s in single and two ply.

For Bath Robes

For Lingerie
Baby Wear

Cotton Modal
Micro Modal
Modal Silk
Organic Cotton

With the ever growing demand for fashion, Lingerie and Baby Wear are not left behind.

Lingerie industry craves for soft feel fabrics and PKPN again is in the forefront, developing yarns in Cotton Modal, 100% Micro Modal, Modal Silk, Organic Cotton blended with Modal, Micro Modal, Micro Modal with Silk.

Baby wear also demands fabrics with extreme comfort and hygiene. natural anti bacterial properties PKPN is ready with nature. 100% Organic Bamboo Yarn, Bamboo Blends with Silk and Piloff Yarn adds a new dimension to ever growing needs.

Piloff is our registered brand for anti pilling yarn and our Piloff yarn adds comfort, reduces skin irritation due to pilling.

Applications: Lingerie, Baby Wear, etc.

Available Counts: Ne 20’s to Ne 60’s

100% Viscose
Micro Viscose

Silky and Shiny

100% Viscose Yarn available in Bright, Matt or Dull and Micro Viscose in both Ring and OE

Viscose yarns are made by regenerating cellulose from viscose by treatment with a solution of salts and acids (electrolytes). We manufacture world class quality 100% Viscose yarn in our state-of-the-art plant. These yarns are very suitable for dye and print because of its dehumidifying feature and also enable colors to Iseem brighter. Viscose Yarn are widely preferred for leisure wear and used for making beautiful silky and shiny fabrics.

Qualities: • Natural and sinfully luxurious. • Fantastic water absorbent capacity. • Moisture absorbent quality

Our 100% Viscose yarn possess: • Better drapeability • Soft feel . Superior quality • Almost flawless

Applications: Lounge Tops, Shawl Stoles, Bride Dresses, Ladies Suit, Leggings, etc.

Available Counts: Ne 6’s to 60’s, Single and Double yarn, SIRO and SLUB yarns

Luxury driven


Modal Yarn
Micro Modal Yarn

Modal, currently called the new wonder fabric combines the benefits of natural fiber and the fantastically soft feel of modern microforms. Fabric made from modal yarn are very moisture-absorbent. We are engaged in producing high quality Modal Yarn. Our yarns are made of stronger fibre to give better strength and weavability. Modal Yarns are known for their brilliant colors, even after many washing. Fabrics made from modal yarn are used in Terry Fabrics, Towels and Knitwear Apparel. We supply pure and flawless Modal Yarn.


  • Good prestige
  • Superior strength
  • Excellent weavability
  • Available in brilliant colors

Modal yarn characteristics:

  • Soft, smooth and strong silk feeling
  • Possess silk-like gloss
  • Still feel smooth and soft after number of wash
  • Wonderful hygroscopicity
  • Air-permeability
  • Flamboyant color
  • No fibrillatior-

Applications: Innerwear, Nightwear, Tops, Formal Dresses, Pajamas Sarees, Towels, Home Textiles, etc.

Available Counts: Ne 10’s to 60’s in Single, Double and SLOB yarns.

100% Bamboo

Yarn Bamboo is a beautiful fiber extracted from the nature that wears well and is a natural antibacterial. Deodorant and UV protective properties naturally without any chemical treatment and it is for ever This unique yarn is extremely soft to touch… It drapes gracefully. A perfect weight yarn for perfect weight spring and summer garments. It is strong yarn with fantastic sheen and drape. Bamboo yarn is getting very popular in today textile industries thanks to its great natural benefits to mankind. Some products that are getting very popular are Towels, Socks, Intimate Wears. T-shirts and Bamboo Bedding Sheets and Covers.

We use only the most trusted brand of bamboo fiber company sources to produce our bamboo yarns. It does not contain any harmful substance in the complete manufacturing chain from bamboo wood to bamboo yarn. It is produced in most eco-friendly way.


  • Incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • Has natural deodorant properties.
  • Comfortable in all temperatures.
  • Ensures durability as it is anti-fungal.

Applications: Kidswear, Innerwear, Quilt, Home Textiles, etc

Available Counts: Ne 10’s to 50’s in single and double yarn, SIRO and SLUB yarns, Ready to dye packages

Anti bacterial